First Nations


Members of ERTSAR Wildland Fire Crews with the Independent First Nations Alliance (IFNA) Regional Fire Rescue (RFR)


Hello / Boozhoo / Aaniin / Wachiya! ... and welcome!

This website is dedicated to the listing and recognition of the Indigenous Fire Departments, starting with Ontario.

Here we shall also be listing the amazing work of the many First Nations Fire Depts.

"There are some 444 municipalities in the Province of Ontario. 

There are some 133 First Nations with 16 Tribal Councils in Ontario. 

Not every has their own dedicated Fire Department but many have and some share resources with various MoUs, mutual and automatic aid arrangements or non-geographic support as well as back up to fire and other hazards on ad hoc arrangements. Some straddle several treaties and borders. 

All have different levels of community Fire Protection and Emergency Services offered for their indigenous communities.  

This website was created to list Fire Departments which respond to First Nations Communities.  In time we will update with contact details, websites, some sharing of information which will help to protect FN communities." 

 This website is still under construction. Contacts and websites being added.